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Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem [Infographic]

August 10, 2017

An Internet marketing lead generation campaign is like a jigsaw puzzle in the sense that it’s not complete if any piece is missing. Unlike a jigsaw puzzle, however, a lead generation campaign doesn’t come with a picture on the front of a box to tell you what it should look like when it’s finished. Far too often, lead generation campaigns fail to function as well as they should because some crucial piece or element of the campaign is missing — and no one notices. That’s why it’s essential for Internet marketers to understand what makes up a successful lead generation campaign and how everything fits together.

Here at Straight North, a Chicago-based Internet marketing agency specializing in SEO and PPC management, we’ve identified the most critical elements of a successful lead generation campaign and put together a flowchart that illustrates how they all come together to form a complete campaign. The infographic below shows how all of these elements complete an ecosystem for lead generation. If you’re concerned about your lead generation campaign or you’re curious to know what one looks like, check out the chart below and see if there’s anything your campaign might be missing. It’s hard to finish a puzzle without seeing what the finished product looks like, so this can be a good guide for you.

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a full-service Internet marketing company in Chicago that offers SEO, PPC and web design services. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Shorr has been featured in leading online publications including Moz, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

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